Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Historical Artifacts From Battle Site Lake George

One of the many objects uncovered from the battle of Lake George 1755-1757. This is a copper frying pan. about 2 inches deep and 12 inches across, it has a rolled edge around the rim. Another one exactly like this was found on Rogers Island at Fort Edward. While we cannot prove that Major Robert Rodgers used this it was found at the site in Lake George were Rogers group encamped during the battle of Lake George, directly east of the Wood Fortress in what is now known as Ft.George. A area that was first used as hospital and later entrenched and used as primary fortification when the main structure was under siege.
Map is from Society of Colonial Wars Publication and shows the layout of the trenched area were Major Rogers was. This is the staging area for Rogers, after the defeat here he returned to New Hampshire and went on to form a company of men mostly from New Hampshire who served throught the colonial war period with their base of operation Rogers Island, Ft. Edward.
I found these items when Mr Charles Wood of Glens Falls,N.Y. was clearing the land and grading the area to the east of the present Fort were Gas lite Village now stands. With his permission I was allowed on the site at day break and was able to salvage anything that the bull dozer's uncovered as they moved the earth about, I had about a week and only a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening when things shut down.

These are some of the items that were uncovered, I am sure we missed a lot, in all there were dozens of lead musket balls and after a while I did not pick up the glass and broken shell fragments. One very unusual mystery was about half dozen half pennies all dated 1749 and
all of them in near mint condition the ground was well drained but these coins must have been in a container that protected them from the soil. They were dark but not corroded as you would expect. Among the many items there was a very few silver coins , all of which were minted in Mexico City silver Piller.

I have a few of the half cents and the frying pan, they will be offered on E-Bay in the near future if you are a collector of this period

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Rosebud Collection said...

What fun to see all of this stuff..I had put,on my blog, some of the things we found in our house/garden.
When we rented, another old home, would take the girls and go on bottle digs..They had a great time.
Dug up shaving mugs,bottles,etc..treasures from the past..