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Baby Isabel Olyer's Letter to Santa in 1901

The life,times and genealogy of -
My Grt Aunt Isabel Olyer at the age of 4 [with some help from her sister Mabel] sent
Santa a note. A copy of which the Plattsburgh Sentinel paper published in 1901.

Isabell Alice Olyer was born at Lyon Mountain, Clinton Co.,New York 29 Sep 1897
dau and child of Henry Lewise Olyer and Josephine Sweeney.
With a large family, and being sort of in the middle age range she had help and always someone to enjoy life with. Her older sister Mabel seems to have been in charge and early in the year 1901 they composed a letter to Santa Clause, and the Plattsburgh Sentinel newspaper published it on Dec 17 1901 under the Lyon Mountain news.
My Dear Santa Claus- I am a little girl four years old. I Want
you to come and see me Christmas and bring me a nice doll
all dressed in blue and with curly hair, and dear old Santa
please dont forget my little brother Rickie. He wants a new
sled and pair of skates. and dear Santa. when you come,
please leave the answer of this letter on out little black board
that you will find in the corner of the play room. My sister
Mabel is our teacher at home, and is helping write this letter.
Yours with lots of kisses BABY ISABEL OLYER

How trusting we were at that young age, and period of time, wonder if "Rickie" got his sled and skates.

Isabel married William Rice born 1891 in Vermont, they were probably married in Dannemora,N. Y. about 1915, for several years they lived in Dannemora, where there first child Mary Rice was born 1916, followed by William J. born in 1918 and then Frances K. in 1920 just in time to be included in the 1920 Census of Dannemora, Clinton Co. N.Y. Shortly after this birth the family moved to Whitehall,Washington Co. New York were William worked as an electrician in the Silk Mill. Arthur was born their in 1923, and Raymond in 1925. a few weeks after his birth, Isabell was in Saranac, visiting friends before going to Alabama to visit her sister,
when leaving the bus she turned her ankle resulting in so much damage she had to cancel her trip. Her last son Donald was born in 1928.
We know that in 1948 she was living in her winter home in Palm Beach,Fla.
Her Obituary is in the Plattsburgh Press Republican April 1960 : Isabell passed away at age of 64, 29 March 1960 , a resident of Clifton Park,N.Y. she was widow of William Rice. A native of Lyon Mountain, N.Y. leaving 3 daughters and 5 sons .

Thanks to the site for the fine job of archiving the early New York Historical Newspapers, we are able to find these interesting stories of our ancestors. If you have genealogical lines that go through the northern part of New York be sure and check this web site.

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