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Oscar A. Olyer Killed by Motorcycle 1915

Typical Rig [Horse and buggy] of the 1915 period
Genealogy, life, times. and family of Oscar Alexander Olyer, farmer, School Trustee, Respected native of Moores, Clinton Co.,New York.
The first son of Philip Olyer and Lucretia Fanny Leach, born 10 March 1843 in Chazy, Clinton Co. N.Y.
Little is known of his childhood, except he was born and lived some time in Chazy, then in the 1870 census is living at home age 21 with his parents and siblings. on 10 Jan 1872 he married at St Albane, Vermont, Sarah Lucretia Daniels. Feb 18 1873 their first child Erwin was born, then a set of twins, 14 April 1876, died young, Ferdinhand William bn., 12 July 1879, Clayton George, 5 Feb 1882, Miles Owen, 25 Sep 1883, Dean Jessie, 28 Dec 1886, May Lillian, 14 July 1889, this agrees with her statement in 1910 census as having 8 birth 6 alive
March 2 1886 Oscar and Sarah bought a 52 1/2 acre section of lot no 152 of 420 acre's in the
Canadian and Novia Scotia Refuge Act, being S.W. corner. later known as O'brien Corners, a
hamlet on the corner of [1910] U.S. route 11 & Irona Road, 6.4 miles WSW Moores,N.Y. ,were
they built a home and barns, taking up farming.
In Mar 4 1892 Oscar was nominated Constable, a republican of Moore's. The Plattsburgh Sentinel Newspaper, has numerous account of this family visiting relatives year after year.
Sept. 9th 1909, their home was partial destroyed by fire on a Friday night, most of the contents were destroyed.
Ionia section of Plattsburgh Sentinel, has the following article: About a dozen ladies met at Mrs J.C.Lamberton to quilt for Mrs O.A. Olyer whose home, with nearly all the contents was destroyed by fire a few months ago. All the men arrived in time to partake of the bounteous supper provided by the ladies. Mrs Olyer heartily thanked her friends for their kindness.
Mr & Mrs Jesse Story, are rejoicing over the arrival of a sweet baby girl [Sadie] born 5 March,
a grandchild to Mr & Mrs O.A.Olyer.
11 May 1915, Oscar A. Olyer, a well known resident of Moores was
struck by a motorcycle while crossing the highway, leading from
Moores to Champlain Saturday May 8th, in afternoon, receiving injuries from which he died Sunday forenoon, without regaining consciousness.
Shown to left is a vintage 1914 motorcycle to give you an idea of what the machine looked like.
Mr Olyer was 72 years of age,was slightly deaf, and his sight was not the best. He was a school trustee in the town of Moores, and Saturday afternoon he went to the home of J.H, O'neill for purpose of conferring with him regarding school matters. After conference
Mr Olyer and his wife started to drive to Champlain, when a short distance from Moores village they met Mr Bates en route to Moores. The rigs [horse drawn carriages] were moving along on opposite sides of highway; [the photo shows typical improved dirt road of the area in 1915, dirt well graded but only wide enough for two Riggs to pass while the auto was coming in, the primary transportation was horse and buggy]
Mr Olyer stopping his horse "tail hi" walked across the road to
speak to Mr Bates, at the end of their short, conversation Mr Olyer turned and crossed the road to where his horse and rig stood. He did not see or hear the approaching motorcycle. upon which a Mr Roberts and his Companion were riding to Moores village, when near the center of the highway he was struck and thrown heavily to the ground, the distance between the two rigs was so close there was no time to either stop or change the coarse of his machine between the time Mr Olyer stepped to the center of the road and the time of the accident. The unfortunate Mr Olyer laid on the road side until 11 o'clock before being taken to his home, at what is known as O.Brien's Corners, where he lingered until 1 o'clock yesterday forenoon when he passed away. Corner, Fisk was notified of the accident and man's death, yesterday they went to Moores and made a thorough investigation of the matter, the physician who was called after the accident and remained with him until his death stated his death was due to shock and internal injuries. The only visible injuries Mr Olyer had at the accident was a broken wrist. Mrs Olyer, who witnessed the accident which resulted in her husbands death was in state of prostration over the sudden taking away of her husband.

1917 May 1st Notice of foreclosure estate of Oscar A. Olyer. Sarah Olyer lot 152 of 420 acre lot
of Canadian and Novia Scotia Refuge Act, being S.W. corner of lot 52 1/2 acre town Champlain to be sold 1 may 1917 on the court house steps.

In the 1930 census Sarah Olyer age 83 is living with her daughter May and her husband Jesse Story.
In a way its sad when you think how hard it must have been to make to payments on the farm and bring up 6 children, only to see it disappear due to accident. The descendants of Oscar will be covered in future post


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What a sad story..It must have been awful to lose everything due to his death..and to raise the children alone..tragic.
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