Friday, June 6, 2008

Pets in our family history

This is more a story about my father Edwin Lord, than a pet. It takes place at Ed Mixture's garage in West Main st, Nelliston, N.Y., on a Saturday in June about 1928 or 29. Dad was at the garage to get something fixed on his car, when this old car came rolling into the garage with smoke and steam pouring out from under the hood. Of course everyone had to come out to see what was going on. A young couple with two small children and a dog were in the car with everything that they had in this world, in or tied to the car. They were on their way to California-yesterday they had left Vermont for a new life.
They picked the right garage at just the right time to be their. My
father had a 1920 Chevy touring car setting in the back yard at our house, Ed Mixture said he would get it started for free if dad would give
them the car. The three men went to our home in a couple of hours had
the Chevy purring like a kitten. When they got back to the garage all of their possessions had to be transfered to the Chevy, which was
pulled off to the side of the parking area. They carried a canvas tarp
that was attached to the car for shelter, were they spent the night
These people had nothing to finance the trip they were undertaking.
Ed Mixture bought the junk car for a few dollars, and my dad bought
the dog, no one knew why, they were going to give away. They left the next morning with about $25. and the will and determination to get to the West coast. If you were broke down today do you think anyone would give you a car and a garage would get it running for free---then find an excuse to give you money.
They made it but it took several months. Every 4 or 5 days we would get a post card [my mother had given them a supply] to let us follow there progress.

My grandmother was happy to see the car gone from the yard, but I do not think she was in love with that dog. I do not remember him, he was called spot and as the photo shows he was almost as big as me. I do not think he stayed with us very long. It was the only pet I had as a child.
Living as we were in half of my grandparents home, I guess without being told my dad could sense my grandmothers feelings and in a few months the dog went to live on the Empie farm, good friend of my parents.

In these later years I have owned my share of pets including a very devoted
long hair man coon cat, she follows me around like a dog, a great companion on the long days my wife is at work.


Rosebud Collection said...

Sometimes when I read your stories, they ring a note with me..We lived in my grandfathers home for the first 12 years of my life, then mom/dad got their own home. Things were so different then..When my dad was sick, the neighbors would bring food over all the time..Everyone cared about everyone..Of Course it isn't the same now..but, I guess, nothing stays the same..I laughed about the Maine coon cat..they are loving cats..

wendy said...

It's always heartwarming to read stories of our people helped one another in days gone by. But I believe you're right - not many today would do the same.