Monday, June 23, 2008

You Know Nothing About Your Mother's Youth

A month or so ago "Jasia" at CreativeGene sponsored a carnival about mother. so I did a post. Then I began to think, "you know nothing about
your mother" Oh yes she was born in Spring Cove, New York in 1904 at a
lumber camp. She lived in Little Falls, N.Y., Nelliston, N.Y. and was married
in Albany N.Y. well that covers about 20 years.There certainly must be
more. Luckily about a week after the Carnival, Miriam Midkiff posted a
article about Northern New York Historical Newspapers, listed Tom Tryniski's web site I have been into genealogy since 1940, can boast 5 Mayflower ancestors, linnage to all the Magna Charta signers, kings, horse thieves, witches, Evan a tared and feathered direct ancestor, and on and on. But until I searched those Northern New York
Newspapers I knew little or nothing about the greatest woman who ever
lived my mom.
She was born in Spring Cove, Tupper Lake N.Y. 3 May
1904, at her grandmothers home, a few days later her mother Margaret
Cummings Olyer, returned to Little Falls,N.Y. with Mary, were the family lived, 25 High st., little Falls, N.Y. Mary attended Public School and she grew up, their and fell in love at age 16

The 5th hit I had Fulton History Web site:"Berlin Olyer father of Mary testified that his dau was born March 2 1902 [big error 1904] at tupper Lake, did not have permission to get married" got a chuckel out of this-- another Berlin Olyer ??

7th hit Fulton History Web Site: "Margaret Olyer mother of Mary will annul marriage" This got my attention, I became more serious, in short time I had a marriage date 20 April 1920 and a husband Silas Stever. Herkimer County Court:, two day trial transcript, "Little Mary Olyer" was only 16 when she was married, appeared in court with "short pink dress and matching picture
hat,with long shoulder length curls and dark flashing eyes" as the trial lawyer O'Donnel, said "I tried to examine this precious young lady, she did a better job of examining me". after two days of both families testimony the annulment
was granted and abduction charges against Silas Stever, were dropped.
The Olyer family had moved into Little Falls in 1900, would be my guess my grand mother moved out shortly after, April 2oth 1920 and went to Nelliston,
The trial created bold headlines in several of the area papers. This also explains why ,when my mother married my father in 1923 they went to Albany, New York, and from there to Deleware were he worked. She probably did not want anything to happen to this marriage.
I wish she had told me, but I know she would not have been able to do this. I am sure she knew I would find out, she helped me unravel the genealogy of her mother.
She had to know, I would some day find the record. She left boxes of
newspaper clipping and photos but nothing about this. The above picture
on right was take in 1921, when all of this was going on. The photo on the
left is 1923, just before my mom and my dad were married. After 1925 her
life has been a open book to me. One of my best memories was he giving me
a half dollar to riding my bicycle to "Pete the Greek's" ice cream parlor,
getting a 35 cent container of ice cream and 15 cents worth of hot fudge,
then peddling as fast as I could to get home before it melted, the two of us
would set on the porch and have ice cream sundaes. and talk about the
family history, this was a weekly event. She never mentioned anything about her life in Little Falls, and no one else in the family has ever mentioned it-wonder if posting this will loosen some tounges, resulting in more information. They were perfect parents, passing along to me all the knowledge and virtues one needs to live a good life, they allowed me to make my own mistakes and god knows I made a lot of them, none of them were there fault in any way. I was blessed to know them.


Distressing Delilah said...

Great post pop!

Rosebud Collection said...

A good read, as usual.Those sundaes sounded mighty darn tasty..

wendy said...

My family has a similar story & it was all talked about in whispers - not like anyone would get the story at some point! I think women would feel that they were "flawed" or it was such a mistake they didn't want to speak about it.