Monday, July 7, 2008

100 Year or More of American Independence

Adah Nancy Bell, born in a independent American nation on 13 Nov 1815, in Mohawk, Montgomery Co. New York , who's grandparents fought in the revolution and grt grandparents served in the Colonial Wars.

She has always been of interest to me, probably due to the fact she was the first
one I really had to engage in old fashioned genealogy research. Once the dusty
records in Montgomery County archives had been searched, a trip into the
field was necessary. Shovel, broom, paper, pencil it was off to the abandoned
home site. Her father Rowland Bell had been a tenant farmer,a indentured land servant, when the son took over the title, rents were raised and nearly all the tenants burned there homes and barns and moved on. It took several trips before the old foundations were found, and with them the family cemetery plot. After rubbing the stones, to bring up the dates and names,
several family members were added that did not get into the archives years ago.

I also found several pieces of broken china, these are the same pattern as a Flo Blue syrup picture and plate that has been handed down for over150 years.

Adah Nancy Bell married Simeon Herrick Sterling, grandson of two Revolutionary War soldiers, 10 Oct 1849, they lived in Sammonsville, New York. Adah and Simeon, were the parents of my great grandmother Mary Sterling, born 26 Jul 1851.

Adah died Christmas day 1908, at the age of 93. She only had the one daughter Mary Sterling, died age 94 in 1941, she married "Jack" Lasher Civil War veteran who's ancestry includes many of the noted patriots of the revolution, loescher, Klock, Nellis, Saltsman, Dillenbeck

I selected Adah, whose ancestry includes the basic individuals, the foot soldiers, who fought and gave there lives for our independence, as all of her descendants have since .

Independence and longevity has blessed this family for generations.


Rosebud Collection said...

Isn't it amazing how long they lived..Some in our family live to a pretty good age..I am sure it was what they ate..The plate is beautiful..what a treasure. On my father's side, our history is on the north shore, Long Island, N.Y..1640..I think I said this before. Always looking at all your names, just in case one rings a bell.

Rosebud Collection said...

Hey, I was checking things out and you have a Tuthill in there..I was a Tuthill..I do have the Tuthill Coat of Arms..Virtue and Fidelity..Gave the ring to my youngest daughter, since I gave her five names and one is my maiden name. I know we came from have some Tuttle names there too..Interesting..