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Anthoney Moses Genereau alias James Cummings.

This is the story of Mose Genereau, his family history and ancestry.
Born in Thurlow, Hastings,Ont. Canada 13 Sep 1855 to parents Dennis
Genereau, and Clare Dupuis, Christened at St Michael the Archangel
Catholic church of Bellville, Ont. 16 Sep 1855, parents Stanislas Genrio
& Clare Dupuis, witness Robert and Agath DeMereichiel.
When he was 19 years old, he had made friends with his Sister Sophia Genereau's sep daughter , Margaret Jane LaVallee, 16 years old, daughter of Michael LaVallee and Maria Travin [Herin]
They were married at St Michael Catholic church 13 Jan 1875. He was a French Laboror, his parents listed as Dennis Genereaux and Claris Dupree, wit., Thomas Sullivan and Elizabeth Genereau.
His lifetime position, the main requirement being hard work, in the winter he worked in the woods lumbering. In the summer , when the ground was to wet to skid the logs, he worked in the mills or brick yards. A break came along when he got to help a blacksmith, in few years was able to follow this trade becoming one of the best saw and ax sharpeners in the area.
Moses came from large family 14 children and he was the last one. I know two of his sisters one Sophia, bn 1845, married Charles Michael LaVallee, as his second wife.
Another sister was Minerva, born 1 jan 1853, she married Octave
Allaire, this family went west to Addington, ont. The photo is
Minerva and Octave, parents of 10 children.

The father known as Dennis and Stanislas Genereau, came from St. Elizabeth, Joliette, Quebec. This family and his wife C. Dupuis, are both from well established families tracing there roots to France in unbroken lines. a complete genealogy linage is on my data base which you can access by clicking on name Genereau in the list to the right.

Moses, and his family moved a lot, the first five children were born in Bellville, Ontario, the demand for laborers dictated were they would be, John the 6th child was born in Cornwall,1883-
by 1885 when Louise was born they were in Medow Bay, Ont., staying in Medow Bay until

Joseph born 1887. Then they were off to Martintown, Ont. were Moses was spending more time with his working buddies at the local tavern. Margaret Jane was home with 8 children oldest one was Alex age 16, and due to deliver the 9th child James in summer 1890.

Moses, probably under the influence, became possessive of a red head Ann Macarthy-a fight developed and drawing a revolver, Moses shot a colored man. The shot severed a artery in the upper leg and he died in just a few minutes. In a frontier town justice is swift-Moses and the girl are stripped of there cloths and tied to fence rails, someone got a tar bucket and painted them, someone else dragged in a old feather mattress and rolled them in feathers- then they were main attraction in a parade through town, ending at Moses's home on the outskirts. They cut them loose and tossed them in the creek. Old Moses jumped up and yelled "Best Dam Ride I ever Had",

The crowd dispersed Alex, Moses son, helped them into the kitchen. The rest of the night was spent with Razor, Scissors, and lamp oil removing the mess-hair-tar and feathers. Alex made the comment "she was a pretty young thing, dressed in tar and feathers"

Before daylight the two of them left town as ordered and went to Battle Creek, Mich. They both

thought they had what they wanted, the long days in the woods was no picnic for Moses, Ann's only way to keep busy was the tavern, in a few years, Moses tired of this and the urge to be with family became to much, Ann was out of his life,. He can not go to Canada so he selected, Malone, N.Y., lots of work in the woods. From here, contacts his wife Margaret, things are worked out and she crosses the St Lawrence in January 1896 with the family and belongings, they go to Spring Cove, New York, were Margaret is the cook and head of the dinning room for lumber camp, Moses, who calls himself James Cummings, is the blacksmith.

From this point forward he is known as James Cumming, all of his children knew about the name change and all of them except Alex used this as there last name.
The family continued to grow, Martin born 1896 was first child born in U.S. , followed by 4 more for a total of 14 children.

Despite this short vacation in 1890-1896 the family remained very close. James and Margaret both died in 1932 only a few days apart.

Jim had a very bad temper and excellent vocabulary of 5 letter words-one night the horse was making a uproar in the barn, Jim grabbed the whip and with a string of curse words went to the barn to teach the horse a lesson. Sometime later he returned ashen white, claimed he saw the devil- he never exhibited any temper and never again uttered any bad language.

The details of this account were told to me by Alex who was 96 years old, living in the home of Moses or Jim in 1969, when he was introduced to me by Cpl I.A. Miller Provincial Police, Martintown,Ont.Canada.

Secret around this name change was protected by my grandmother for years, the last trip she made just before her death in 1965 was to Martintown,Ont. to see Alex-I feel that Alex might not have betrayed this secret, had I not been presented by the Provincial police and maybe his taking a liking to me helped him unload this well kept story. All of the children that came to this country became citizens as Cummings, they did however avoid the census taker for a few years.
The name James Cummings came from the owner of the brick yard in Martintown.
"Maggie" my grandmother was a proud lady, how sad that she could not enjoy and share the deeds and traditions of the families Genereaux and Duprey.

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