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Ralph Philip Olyer Narcotics Agent 1907

It is just a little over 100 years ago that Narcotics got its boost in popularity from action of the government. March 3 1905 Congress enacted the first federal anti-narcotic law. prior to that drugs could be obtained on the open market, the addiction rate was 0.4% to 1.2% of the adult population, and no drug crimes or incarcerations, associated with use of drugs. Now 100 years of prohibition, the figures are 1 % to 2% of adults, with drug criminals comprise over half of federal prisoners, and nearly one-quarter of state criminal offenders, for grand total of about half million persons in our institutions. This is about equal to the total number of addicted population of 1900. Every year some 20 million Americans commit drug crimes, and nearly half have done so sometime in their lifetime. This has to be the nations number one crime creation program.
Job security for Enforcement, Incarceration, Judicial and Welfare.

This is the family history and brief genealogy of Ralph Philip Olyer, was born 2 Oct 1886, Lyon Mountain,Danamora, Clinton Co. New York the 3rd son of 12 children born to Henry Lewis Olyer and his wife Josephine Sweeney.
There was always lots of siblings to play with, from information I have found they had a great childhood. Early on he was called "Buck", attended school in Danamora, Clinton Co. N.Y.

Jun 7 1907, at age 20 he was accepted in the Narcotics unit, Internal revenue service, Albany New York. A fledgling organization that was set up only two year before. He was assigned
northern New York Area. His unit expanded with the 1914 Harrison Act, and other reforms brought on by the continued pressure of the Evangelical prohibitionist, and reformers. In
1920 census he is living as a single border at, Perinton Twp. Monroe Co. New York.

October 8 1921 he was placed in charge of the Narcotics Unit of Internal Revenue in Franklin County. Right around this time he met and married Estella M. Bagley, she was born in Canada
in 1889. from a previous marriage she had a daughter Daisy, born 1914, and a son, Loren W. born 1917.
Ralph is mention many times in the northern New York newspapers for apprehending and arresting many offenders of the Alcohol, Drug, and tobacco laws.
In the census of 1930 the family was living in East Rochester, Monroe Co. New York
shortly after the census, Ralph retired from the enforcement agency and moved to Rock Forest, Canada, were he died 1 may 1945.

It must have been a strain on his relationship with his three brothers that were breaking the very laws that he was dedicated to enforce. Might mention he had a uncle Miles Owen Olyer, that served as a Immigration Officer, in the Malone area at about the same time period.

Since Ralph moved to Canada, I have not located a lot of material about him, if you knew him or can help fill in please contact me.

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Rosebud Collection said...

Poor Ralph, it had to be hard with his brothers getting in a little trouble..Would you believe, my brother was a Narcotic Agent? I will say, it did change him with all he dealt with.