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Sgt. Jean Sicard-de-Carufel, Lord Farguette

Moses Genereaux alias Jim Cummings- wonder if Jim knew that his mother, Marie Dupuis Genereaux's, 4th great grandfather held all these titles and came from a Nobel family in France.
Jean-Baptiste Sicard de Carufel, was born 1665 at St Jacques, Castres, Languedoc, France the son of Pierre Sicard-de-Carufel and Marie de Farques. [due to the ordinance revising titles of Nobility in France 1664 to 1667, Pierre Sicard appeared before Montpellier tribunal on 5 Sep 1669. He and his descendants were declared Nobles also mentioning the fief of Carufel]
At the age of 19 Jean-Baptiste Sicard de Carufel joined the French Marine troops under the command of Captain [Ecuyer] Francois-Marie-Renaud d'Avesne des Meloizes. The company, recruited by the new Gov. Jacques-Rene Brisay de Denonville, made part of the 500 man detachment from port of LaRochelle , and arrived in Quebec 1 Aug 1685.

Jean was Huguenot, or one of the many Albigeois groups that suffered religious persecution for mention is made in the Notr-Dame de Quebec church dated 20 Jan 1686 in which the young Nobleman renounced his faith according to the "Acte d'Abjuration" Jean Sicard native of parish St Jacques, city of Castres d'Albigeois, in Haut-Languedoc, Sargent in Reg. of Renaud d'Avesnes "recants from the pretended reformed religion", before Bishop of Quebec.
The Catholic religion had tremendous power and would not allow any non catholic to set foot in New France soil.
A marriage contract was prepared and signed 25 Nov 1694 states Jean was sergeant in Michael Leneuf Company, two days later [dispensation of bans granted, due to his military ties permission granted by Governor general] Sergeant Jean Sicard de Carufel, married Genevieve, dau of Jacques Ratte and Anne Martin [grand-daughter of Abraham Martin dit l'Ecossais, a royal pilot[not ww11, pilot of boat]
Jean returned to Nouvelle France and on 18 March 1704 after living 10 years in Saint-Pierre d'Orleans, sold his property to his brother in law Pierre Ratte. on 21 April 1705 Governor, Marquis Phillippe de Rigaud de Vaudreuil, officially granted Lord Jean Sicard the fief de Carufel, in a "Acte de concesson.
France was still supporting the "Seigneurial Regime" so Jean applied for and received a plot of land. Seigneurs were duty-bound to promote and colonize their grant by providing immigrants with favorable conditions for settlement and agriculture development. Jean Sicard de Lord of Carufel began to establish his property. Everything was stacked against him, the timing could not have been worse. Everyone feared the Iroquois Indians, although a peace treaty signed four years earlier in 1701 at Montreal, between the Mohawks and the French, was in effect, the reputation of the Indians made the immigrants fearful of moving far from the St Lawrence river. Jeans, Maskinonge fief was up the Maskinonge river some distance.
In 1720, with his sons he traveled to the site and built a sixteen ft square house on a 3 acre cleared site, enclosed by a sturdy palisades. Still no one was rushing in to take up his offers.
To be successful a Seigneur, had to develop enough sites for 25 to 30 settlers, then provide all the services they needed that he could receive revenue from rent of land and percentage of everything else they produced, plus a return for services of the mills etc that he would provide.
Much like the feudal system of Europe or the mill town in the industrial age.
Since Jeans maintenance cost were surpassing his income he remained active in his military career as Ensign of the troops of the colony.
27 Jan 1737 Jean made his will , died August 1743 at age of 77

Jean bore arms: "de geules, au paon rouant d"or, au chef cousu d'azur charg de trois etoiles d'argent" registered to the St Maurice de Coudols family.

Sgt. Jean Sicard-de-Carufel, Lord Farguette, family genealogy can be traced for many generation to Charlemagne, Kings and leaders of ancient times, these charts are just to large to include in this blog. Jean is not the only Nobel family included in Jims ancestors but he probably is the best recorded one. He put everything on the line to try and develop a title and life style in the wilds of New France but his timing was off.


Jim C said...


This sounds impressive, but then I can't understand the french titles so it could be even more impressive than I realize.

Not too good for someone with the french ancestry I have.

To some one unknowlegable about this, like myself, it seems amazing to be able to trace family as well as you have. I could not have imagined being able to go back as far Charlemagne.(spelling?)

Jim Cummings

Jared Garfield said...

Jim or Lord and Lady,

I'm not sure I understand which of you is related to the de Carufel ancestor in the blog, but my Great Grandfather changed his name from de Carufel to Garfield when he moved to the United States from Canada in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Family folk lore has passed down that they left France after being persecuted for being nobles. Thus far, I have been unable to find any de Carufel geneology past Louis David de Carufel. I would welcome the opportunity to see if we might be related. I know that Louis David de Carufel married Alice Gertrude Dartnell whose father was Major General Sir John George Dartnell who fought in the Zulu & Boer Wars and founded the Natal Mounted Police. I would love to know more about de Carufels!

Rosebud Collection said...

I am always amazed at these wonderful stories. The work that you do is unreal..
Have to admit..I think I am what you call a "mutt"..a mixture of everything. Would sure be hard tracking my tree.

Gerald said...

I'm married to Erin Sicard, her family apparently descends from Jean Sicard. Before her branch of the family moved to New England, they lived in Quebec. Last year, I was in the country of her ancestors, visited the ancient fortress of Carcassonne, north of which is Castres, where Sicards originate.

calgarymortgages said...

Actually, there were plenty of Protestants in New France. Samuel de Champlain being the most prominent. Giving up his faith may have been due to his wanting to get a grant of land or a higher position. He may have being planning to marry a Catholic girl and the priest told him he had to give up his faith.
I seem to recall that Jean Sicard de Carufel also got into trouble with the courts because he was caught fighting a duel.

Kimon said...

Really interesting, thank you for posting your genealogy research. I'm a Sicard de Carufel too, and I've been wondering who were my ancestors. I'm going in Europe next spring, and I plan to head in Castres, Languedoc to see if I could find some Sicard de Carufel there.

rachel said...

I am the great-great-great grand-daughter of Luis Sicard de Carufel of St. Denis, Quebec born in 1835. Any relation to Sgt. Jean Sicard de Carufel?

What does the name mean. Is Carufel the 'family' of Sicard?

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Rachel LaRue

Susan said...

My grandmother was Jeanette Carufel. Her father was Louis Hector Carufel, his father Louis Francois Xavier Sicard de Carufel, his father Joseph David Sicard de Carufel, his father Jean Baptiste Sicard de Carufel, his father Jean Sicard de Carufel (1733), his father Joseph Sicard de Carufel (1701) and then the Jean Sicard de Carufel (1666) as in the story. I did not grow up with a family with my father dying young and my mother mentally ill. It is such a gift to find my heritage. Thank you for sharing!

Chris said...

The "ancestor approved" picture looks just like my great grandma Maude Carefelle. It's been a while since I've seen her named spelled but I believe it's close to being the correct spelling. She was born in 1904 and passed in my twenties. She was alive for the best parts of my life! I always knew she was royalty.

de carufel said...

I am a de Carufel from the province of Quebec myself.

I had already made some search on the familly history and knew pretty much all of this except the the Hugenot thing. I guess the 'protestant part' of our familly history din't make it through time since the area was very much catholic only till the 60's.

However a detail seems to be missing: I remember that Jean Sicard had to let go of his noble/land in France when if left for New-France, whatever title of nobility he had there I don't know.

To Jim C :
The 'french title' Seigneur simply means 'Lord'.

To Jared Garfield:
This is wayyy before the revolution. They were not persecuted for being nobles, they were for being protestants.

Sicard, Carufel, de Carufel are not a common name, either in France or America. I'm therefore pretty sure that all of us in America are related to Jean Sicard.

To Rachel:

'Carufel' is the name of the land they had in France. The 'de' is the direct translation of 'of' in english. You could say translate is name as Jean Sicard, Lord of Carufel.

m thomsen said...

Is this family line related to other "sicards" of Quebec?

Lila Zacroth said...

My grandmother's name is Marie Antoinette Sicard de Carufel. She passed in 2011, am I related to these same Carufel's?

Jacob Sicard said...

I'm a descendent of Julien Agustine Sicard he was a general of the french navy in the early 1800 and owned sugar and coffee plantations in Haiti. I haven't traced him to France just yet, thought i should share .

Dale said...

Ok I am related but I dont how because I unfortunately do not read French but I do hold a section of my family tree. It was addressed to Melle Aurelie Sicard De Carufel and what I gather from it is that it is showing that the Sicard De Carufels married into the Casavant's.....but its confusing as hell there are pictures of family members and places of importance the earliest dates on these documents in my possession is 1530 all I know is that my Great aunt my Grandmother's father's sister said that my great Aunt x 10-12 was the Countess Du Sicard De Carufel.....I think that I have supporting documentation just I am confused by the French that goes fron original to Quebecois which is a bastardized version of the original

Dale said...

the family crest i have a picture of and is described underneath as :
De gueules au paon d'or rouant au chef cousu d'azur chargé de trois étoiles d'argent

René Arbour said...

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