Sunday, June 13, 2010

my Fathers Grt Grandmother Gertrude ???? Mrs Martin Lord

My father could not tell me who his grandfather was-- He knew they called him "Barny" and he married a sister of Aunt Hellen Johnson That either of these people had parents-beyond the need to know- so involved we will skip over Barny for now.
If he did not know anything about his grandfather suppose there was no need to think he would know who his grandfather's parents.
We lived most of our lives in Nelliston, New York maybe 12 miles from Johnstown, New York between the two villages is Fort Hunter were my dads father lived, he died in 1935 so I could not question him, there is a possibility he may have known his grandfather who lived in Johnstown but he must not have shared this with my dad.

After several years of research which is a story in itself we found out the man in question was Martin Rooney Lord, lived his adult life in Johnstown, owned a slaughter house on Williams street and a meat market on main Street., he had a son the grandfather of my dad and two daughters , Emma and Jane. one married a Moore and he had a saw and file business in Johnstown and built a big three story brick building on main street.
I can not imagine how they could live so close and my dad not know.
This brings us to our story-- I researched Martin Lord's family for over 60 years, I know when he moved from Gallaway to Johnstown, when he married about 1844 Gertrude, how hard it was when the first child Myndert died 31 July 1853. I even visited the cemetery there in Johnstown and copied all there stones [good thing I did on a recent visit the lot was completely bare of head stones??] Found out they were married in Methodist church which has been torn down --no one knows where the records are.
I am used to working hard to find just the basic clues, after 60 years or plus some knowledge of the hobby has to wear off and you should know how to proceed. I was sure I was doing things right but I just could not find out what Gertudes family name was.When her husband Martin died he was in Henrietta N. Y. his body was brought back to Johnstown and a full page told the story of his life, but nothing about Mrs Martin Lord.. She went to Canada and lived with one daughter, when the daughter died Gerturde went to Henrietta to live with the other daughter.
I became so desperate to find her maiden name I spent several weeks and copied every Gertrude baptized in every church record held at Fonda, History and Archives during the period of 1805 and 1845, figured that one of 67 Gertrudes had to be her [No I never found her baptism]

Little over a 2 years ago I made my last trip from Florida to Johnstown, visited the cemetery only to find they had removed all the stones on Martin Lord Lot, no one could tell me why, caretaker said he remembered some of them??? while on this trip last day I had about a hour to waste so my wife let me out at the Johnstown Library, been there a hundred times or more when I lived in Johnstown.  This day I went to second floor they had just rearranged a card file and the custodian suggested that I look at it.  The index referred to a Mrs Martin Lord so I pulled the card and there was the clue that I had missed for over 60 years. "attending funeral service from Johnstown,  Mrs Martin Lord sister of the deceased  Eliza Van Meter w/ of Horrace Wadsworth". I managed to get a little more time from my wife next day and it took less than a hour to locate her family and extend her line back several generations. And to think that clue was right there for years and I just never found it. So if you have a brick wall- go back over your path you may have over
looked the obvious.